Little big update for 2021!!

Welcome to 2021! First of all there’s a big noticeable update to the site! Hopefully easier to find and use info from the main pages! Second of all! Another course has been fully loaded. It’s about the basic use of precise 1 Point Perspective, Composition, and Simple technical pen (micron) style inking! All paid memberships should have it in their

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Foundations of Form and Covid Pt.3

Continued Adventures in Covid Isolation! Where are you at in the new course yet? Either way more about my adventures in isolation begin below. oh you haven’t heard? there’s A BRAND NEW COURSE IS IN THE CAN! Foundations of Form It’s all about learning to break things down into their basic Primitives (simple 3D forms) and then how to draw

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20.05.31 Updates!

Been a while! At the moment I’m still sporting my covid haircut! You may have not have noticed, but the world went crazy there for a moment and appears to want add more fuel to the fire. I personally, like many of you, found that I had to adapt a lot to the new circumstances, especially when I had to

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20.01.22 Updates! Happy New Year!

Happy New Years, Students!!   The January MAP Monthly was added a couple weeks back! I used a popular instagram post as the subject and I walk you through the whole process of developing the image and finishing it! Check it out, follow along, and let me know what you think! I kept pretty quiet over the last month as

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19.12.26 MAP Monthlies Updated!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!  All MAP Monthlies are now updated with content for October, November & December!  Things have been quiet on my end over the last few months as I’ve moved across the country, settled into the new teaching position, working some great private students, and doing freelance! All is pretty quiet now as many people are spending time with

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19.09.11 September MAP Monthly Added! (6 part video series)

6 NEW VIDEOS ADDED   All Caught Up! I decided to go with some of the type of content I’ve been producing over on my rainlandstudios instagram. The illustration that has unexpectedly become my sketch/study page.  This is a process I use there all the time and I get tons of questions about it during live streams. It’s a very

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19.09.04 15 MAP Monthly Videos Added

Apologies for the deafening silence over the last few months!   15 NEW VIDEOS ADDED TODAY   Here’s what’s been going on… Back in May, I started up the MAP Monthly series. At the same moment I completed that initial May chapter I became inundated with so much freelance work, that I could barely breath. For Months. After the beginning

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