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New Course Launched! Isometric Perspective

New Course Launched New Course now available to paid subscribers! Isometric Perspective! This is a great type of perspective drawing that I use all the time in concept art and coming up with ideas for personal projects. There’s no horizon line or vanishing points. You can see this type in top down type video games and in cool illustrations and

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Rhetorical Rooms Launches Today!

New Course Launching! A new course is launching over the next few weeks for subscribers! Rhetorical Rooms! In this course you learn some of the basics of 2 Point Perspective using traditional media, before recreating a real room in your home, using Visual Rhetoric to enhance it with meaning and then plan and ink it with ONLY figure/ground shapes and

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August MAP Monthly available now!

The final form is here! Going solo with Watercolor in this one! Transfer from the finished drawing to the surface, then we jump straight into the color. For subscribers only!

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July MAP Monthly Just Added!

From the perspective to the inks! This month sees us going from the perspective drawing last month into the inking process this month! Drawing on tracing paper feels sooooo good! Right?

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MAP Monthly May!

Latest MAP Monthly is up for subscribers! Another color study from a photo I shot at the Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskill Mountains of New York state!  I hope you enjoy it!  Do hit me up with any questions or comments you may have!

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Getting caught up! May edition

MAP Monthly Updates Semester’s winding down here at the university! Finally! Lately I had my nose to the grindstone trying to get all caught up with the MAP Monthlies! And…guess what? I am all done and caught up through April and May’s comes out soon! This series from November till April features an Inktober that I take from the original

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Little big update for 2021!!

Welcome to 2021! First of all there’s a big noticeable update to the site! Hopefully easier to find and use info from the main pages! Second of all! Another course has been fully loaded. It’s about the basic use of precise 1 Point Perspective, Composition, and Simple technical pen (micron) style inking! All paid memberships should have it in their

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Foundations of Form and Covid Pt.3

Continued Adventures in Covid Isolation! Where are you at in the new course yet? Either way more about my adventures in isolation begin below. oh you haven’t heard? there’s A BRAND NEW COURSE IS IN THE CAN! Foundations of Form It’s all about learning to break things down into their basic Primitives (simple 3D forms) and then how to draw

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