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19.02.18 New Lessons Added

Today I added in 5 new lessons to the 2 Point Perspective course on creating & rotating perfect cubes, ellipses (horizontal & vertical), how too embed ellipses and create the basic circular primitives in 2 Point Perspective. Lesson descriptions were added and assignments are still pending. If you haven’t yet, try out the forums and post your projects in progress

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Copy after Anders Zorn’s Portrait of Ols Maria (youtube)

Copy after Anders Zorn’s portrait of Ols Maria that I did during my digital illustration class as a demo for my student. I can’t say often enough how much doing master copies of works I respect has improved my skills. I think that it may be one, if not THE, fastest way to improve your skills. There are different types

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Copy After Velasquez’ Portrait of Juan Pareja (youtube)

I’ve been adding videos to youtube! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had my students doing master copies as a way of practicing their newly acquired digital painting skills. This is one I did in class using Corel Painter and some old school brushes I’ve been using for over 15 years! Actual time spent was around 40 minutes (I

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Manipulating Edges (youtube)

I’ve been adding videos to youtube! This is a freewheeling unedited discussion given during a recent class on how to work with edges, perhaps one of the most abused subjects in painting! I break it down into interior/exterior edges, round/flat/cornered edges, surface textures, and material qualities. For me, this really simplifies things down. I’m painting a picture of a mushroom

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How to draw a perfect ellipse, every time!

I’ve been adding videos to youtube! This is the ABC Method for drawing ellipses. By far (outside of digital…) this is the best method for freehanding a perfect ellipse everytime. Even if you’re doing a drawing that’s not directly using perspective, all you need to do is rough out your rectangle around the ellipse (like a vase top), find the

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Pre Registration Open!

Preregister below now for the two confirmed classes this Fall! PREREGISTRATION Preregistration helps me determine how many serious students really intend to take the class and once enough have declared their class, I will open up the official registration to secure your spot in the class!

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Vote now on new classes!  Click below to make your voice heard for additional weekend classes this Fall! SURVEY Some potential courses include: Visual Development Digital Painting Composition Construction Environment Design Landscape Drawing and Painting Oil Painting Basics Observational Drawing and Sketching The Elements of Design (2D Design for Composition) Drawing From Imagination

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