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Rhetorical Rooms Launches Today!

New Course Launching!

A new course is launching over the next few weeks for subscribers! Rhetorical Rooms! In this course you learn some of the basics of 2 Point Perspective using traditional media, before recreating a real room in your home, using Visual Rhetoric to enhance it with meaning and then plan and ink it with ONLY figure/ground shapes and silhouettes!

For those that haven’t done this before, this a great way of really understanding how composition works and how they can create more impactful impressions on your audiences!

Updated the Resources "Course" Area

I updated the Resources Course to include links to sites I use to order supplies.

Founders Subscription Price Ending SOON!

Also! The Founding Members Subscription will be closing soon! There will be more info on that soon.

What that means is that current subscribers will keep the crazy low price they signed up for permanently and that price will eventually not be available to future subscribers.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about that, now’s the time to act!

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