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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an online subscription course? How does this work?
  • It’s really simple! You get access to all of my courses for one monthly or annual subscription price. Right now there’s only one, but over the following months that number will increase! It also gives you access to the membership forum where you can show your WIPs, get help from other students and encourage each other in your development!
What are the subscriptions for?
  • There are different kinds of subscriptions. The basic ones grant access to the available course content that you can watch, follow along with and get help from others in the forums! Others will 
Is there a minimum period of time?
  • One month.
Why is it so cheap? What’s the catch?
  • Right now there’s just one class, maybe a partially developed one when you read this, or even a few. The low price is introductory for those that sign up before I complete the 4th or 5th class. Those that get in at that low price get grandfathered in at that price for the lifetime of the site. There won’t be a price increase for them. Ever. That will be the same for anyone who signs up for later prices when they do go up. I have plans to add dozens of courses on here over the next few years. You can see my list of proposed courses HERE and please feel free to request others in the future!
What are the payment options?
  • All major credit cards and paypal.
What kind of internet connection will I need?
  • Obviously the better the connection, the higher res you can view the course content. The videos’ host does adjust the video quality based on the connection. But you should be able to access everything at full resolution with a typical home internet connection or decent mobile connection.
How do I access the classes?
  • What will I need in order to watch this? Mobile devices, Computers?
  • You create an account, select your subscription, and then once payment is confirmed you can view all the courses under the Members area. You can access course materials on computers, tablets and mobile devices!
What are the software or material requirements needed?
  • That depends on the course. I will list all materials & software used for the demonstrations and my recommendations in the introduction of each course.
I’ve never tried learning through video lessons, is this for me?
  • That’s a deep personal question. If you are a self starter and passionate artist, then you will benefit greatly from the material. I’ve learned a lot from video courses since ending my university studies many years ago and I still do. 
What is the Feedback Membership?
  • This will give you access to a special forum based on the Feedback Membership. It’s a forum I check at specific times and will go through and give feedback (written, drawovers, videos, etc) of the work submitted by the deadline.
What are Office Hours
  • Office Hours are just like the ones you’d find at a university, except I will be available for discussions and live critiques online. These can include question/answer sessions, drawovers, critiques, etc to help you achieve your goals.
What are the Membership Forums
  • The membership forums are there for you to post your works in progress (WIPs), questions, and to give and receive encouragement from the other students!
What are the Group Courses?
  • Group Courses are live classes usually conducted once a week online with students like you from around the world. Often they cover special topics related to the individual students’ interests. 
Refund/guarantee Policy?
  • Due to the free access to sample lessons and the 3 day trial period, there is no refund policy for the course subscription membership. That should give you a more than enough information to make an informed decision. There may be some refunds depending on the circumstances for the live courses, office hours, and feedback memberships.
How do I cancel my monthly/annual subscription?
  • It’s very simple, just go to your account info and cancel! I’ll be sorry to see you go, but I get it. Remember though, that if you want to resubscribe later on, you’ll only have the currently available subscriptions to choose from!
What kind of feedback can I get with my subscription?
  • Please see the individual subscription to find out what features they have. There is no guaranteed feedback from the Professor in the Basic Subscription Membership, though he may help out in the forums! There is guaranteed feedback with the feedback and office hours subscriptions!
I have a feedback/office hour membership. How do I submit my assignments?
  • Please check those pages for specific information, but in general, for Feedback, post in your named Topic in the Forums and I will see the updates when I check on the specified days. For Office Hours, work can be submitted via email, dropbox, google drive, etc so I can review it with you. Office Hour session also include video recordings that you will receive once it’s complete.
Corporate accounts?
  • Contact me
My Card was declined??
  • There can be issues unrelated to your credit that may cause an issue. Please contact your bank or issuing agency to see if they can help you out!
Contact me to let me know if there are any unanswered questions!
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