19.03.18 New Lessons Added!

Today I added in 2 new lessons to the 2 Point Perspective course on creating compound circular (elliptical) objects and rotating circles & ellipses in 2 Point Perspective. Lesson descriptions were added and assignments are still pending. The lesson on compound objects is a bit…way too…long at the moment. And edited version is forthcoming once I can come up for air!

As a “behind the scenes” thought, I’m also looking at creating an addendum to both perspective courses. This is more of a “follow along process” where after each(or most) theory lessons & sections you would create a whole space or composition along with me that would apply the lessons. By the end you would come out with an entire space that would demonstrate your understanding and application of the material.

I remember being in math courses as a teenager and being frustrated that the assignments didn’t look like the examples in the textbook or class (as far as I could tell anyway…) instead of progressing from examples that were similar and then gradually changing in their appearance or application the deeper you got into the homework. So, that’s why I want to make that change and I think it will make the material more applicable to you!

Do let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you haven’t yet, try out the forums and post your projects in progress there and to instagram (tag me there @myartprofessor).

Screenshots below from the recently added lessons!


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