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Getting caught up! May edition

MAP Monthly Updates

Semester’s winding down here at the university! Finally!

Lately I had my nose to the grindstone trying to get all caught up with the MAP Monthlies! And…guess what? I am all done and caught up through April and May’s comes out soon!

This series from November till April features an Inktober that I take from the original 1 hour drawing done live on Instagram through the general illustration process to a completed ink and watercolor image. A snippet is featured in this post! Hopefully it helps you out!

There’re a bunch more in the can that I’m looking forward to sharing with you as the year progresses!


additional course updates!!

Also, due to all the online instruction I had to do this year, I have a ton more courses coming your way as I complete them this Summer and Fall. That will mean more potential progress in your drawing skills as you sit down, focus, and work your way through those exercises!

There will be more on perspective, designing image spaces, working with lens types (great for storyboarders and animators). Foundational figure drawing, essential anatomy and the figure applied in composition and spaces!

Largely it is just a process of seeing which content can be kept, which needs to be updated, and what new content to add to complete these courses. Look for those as the year moves on!

Actually, I will hit up my email list to see which course completion gets prioritized first!

Once these get done, there will also be a graphical overhaul of the subscribers’ course page to make it easy to coordinate your learning path!

So…lots coming!

Join up today to get in while the price is still held at the Prime Founder’s rate. You’ll always keep that!

Do hit me up with any questions or comments you may have!

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