19.09.11 September MAP Monthly Added! (6 part video series)

All Caught Up!
I decided to go with some of the type of content I’ve been producing over on my rainlandstudios instagram. The illustration that has unexpectedly become my sketch/study page.  This is a process I use there all the time and I get tons of questions about it during live streams. It’s a very simple process and I’ve put together a video series in the MAP Monthly for September that walks you through it. I even provide the original reference shot in the lesson to follow along with!
A new live course is starting on September 14th! Check out LIVE CLASSES above and sign up. Bring a project/skill/portfolio pieces that you need to push your career goals forward!
Also Also
Back live-streaming regularly on my rainlandstudios instagram and Dlive, Twitch, & Youtube under myartprofessor. I’m also trying to regularly record my demos while teaching my university courses and those are showing up on my instagram for myartprofessor!
Thanks for checking in!
Professor Sakievich

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