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19.09.04 15 MAP Monthly Videos Added

Apologies for the deafening silence over the last few months!
Here’s what’s been going on…
Back in May, I started up the MAP Monthly series. At the same moment I completed that initial May chapter I became inundated with so much freelance work, that I could barely breath. For Months. After the beginning of the new year, I divided my efforts between completing this site and creating new portfolio pieces that I then spent about a month sending out to potential clients. That resulted in that flood of work. 
That flood put all of my lesson making plans on hold, while I tried to keep up with clients needs. I worked with 5 totally new clients.
Three were concept clients for different companies, one was an AR company, and one is a creative studio.
Then in June, I interviewed with the famous Ringling College of Art and Design, where I recently accepted a position and moved to Sarasota, Florida. I’m teaching first year foundation courses, which really are my most favorite subjects.
Now What?
Due to the recent threat of Hurricane Dorian, the Labor Day weekend, and that my schedule has settled with the new semester of courses, I had some time to sit down and complete the series of “shorter” MAP Monthly lessons. And I’m all CAUGHT UP!
I actually didn’t intend to make so many videos, but as I went through each one, it just made sense. So, there they are.
Next up is September and then onto the practical demo lessons for the 2 Point Perspective Course. The next courses are also in a state of planning once that is complete.
It’s so great to be back making this content. I hope you enjoy it. I also enabled comments on the MAP Monthly pages. I’d love your feedback on those along with requests for future topics. I think I’m gonna take things outside for September, but we’ll see.
A new live course is starting on September 14th! Check out LIVE CLASSES above and sign up. Bring a project/skill/portfolio pieces that you need to push your career forward!
Also Also
Back live-streaming regulary on my rainlandstudios instagram and Dlive under myartprofessor.
Thanks for checking in!
Professor Sakievich

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