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19.12.26 MAP Monthlies Updated!


Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

All MAP Monthlies are now updated with content for October, November & December!

Things have been quiet on my end over the last few months as I’ve moved across the country, settled into the new teaching position, working some great private students, and doing freelance! All is pretty quiet now as many people are spending time with families and making new memories.
Here’s what we have for the MAP Monthlies:
  • October – an overview of my Inktober! How to set up a challenge, manage your goals and narrow them so that it can be more successfully accomplished. Check out my Inktober Challenge on my instagram for the month of October!
  • November – a watercolor and ink sketch of another imagined vehicle and how you can think through that process.
  • December – one of my pareidolia (patterns seen in random shapes) monsters and how you can set up and plan without planning so you can craft one of those fairly quickly!
 Plus! That December one is now included in the free lesson materials for anyone that’s made a free account! Do check it out and let me know what you think!
More to come!
Professor Sakievich

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