portfolio & skills development

What skill would you like to develop to upgrade your portfolio?

Step up and join the group classes. You know you’ve been meaning to nail down that one important drawing, painting, compositional, digital art, skill. You’ve gone as far as you can alone and now is the time to get live feed back from an experienced instructor and professional in a positive open group environment with artists, just like you, from around the world!


This is the course for you if you want to develop skills and portfolio pieces aligned with your individual goals. Maxing out at 10 students, you set goals to develop specific skills, create portfolio pieces, or select topics for discussion to further your interests. You will likely work on separate projects and others’ projects can inform your development. Topics will vary, but this is definitely for you, if you have a goal you want to put serious focus into!

In addition to your live sessions, you can also email works in development at the midweek due date for additional critiques, comments and suggestions.


Class begins September 14th!

  • Live class
  • Individual focus
  • Small classes
  • Live demos in both digital and natural media
  • Voice, Video, & Chat access during group sessions.
  • Facebook group access
  • Live in-class critiques
  • midweek email critiques
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