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New Course Launching Today! Covid Part 01

Adventures in Covid Isolation, right?

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but it’s been an insane year!

– Oh you too? –

more about my adventures in isolation begin below.



Foundations of Form

It’s all about learning to break things down into their basic Primitives (simple 3D forms) and then how to draw simple and complex objects from reference at any angle using simple perspective tricks and forms!

Right now and over the next few weeks subscribers will get access to this new course.

Subscribers should check their Dashboard to jump into it!

The first full section is up NOW!

This course (and the FOUR to follow!) are based on a course I  put together for my design drawing students at my new university. I’ll chat about that here on the blog over the next few weeks as each section of Foundations of Form makes its way onto the site!

Covid Adventure Notes!

Let’s begin!

When Covid hit the US back in March and I had to take my figure drawing class online for the second half of the semester. It represented a radical shift from the way I delivered figure drawing to my students in the past. I teach a step-by-step method for drawing the figure that brings together the amazing lessons I learned from my best instructors along with insights I received since. My students just completed that process and they just started doing long poses for it when we went on Spring Break in mid-March. We all watched as this mysterious disease made it’s way out of China and across the world. During the break I stopped into my office and saw my area head. I asked…are we coming back after spring break? 

He just sighed.

The next day they announced that all classes were going online and students who had left to other countries and states would not return to campus and that the campus would no longer hold classes in person.

We were all going on Zoom.

Not just here, but everywhere.

And I had a week to prepare the new content based on the new set of circumstances. Personally I felt disappointed that all this work would be wasted, I had this track of study all laid out in my head. The students responded really well to it and they were on track for amazing new work.

The thing is…

The second part of this course, the part after the process had been studied and mastered, takes them through a number of exercises to help them actually use the figure in more practical and professional circumstances.

I love figure drawing just for figure drawing, but as a teacher I learned that not everyone does (sadly…), but that people do seem to get more invested in things that really serve a longer term personal goal. For many of these students drawing isn’t there just for drawing, but for communicating with clients and for organizing, presenting, and selling their ideas. They adapted beautifully and by the end produced some great illustrations based on processes that will eventually come here too!

But, this also got me thinking about the Fall drawing course for freshmen and the months ahead of me that were needed to prepare. A drawing course very different than any I ever taught or been taught. One that brings a lot more purpose, concept and ideation to drawing.

I’ll talk about that more next time!

See you then!

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