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Foundations of Form and Covid Pt 2!

Continued Adventures in Covid Isolation!

Have you looked at the new course yet?

Either way more about my adventures in isolation begin below.

in case you missed it,



Foundations of Form

It’s all about learning to break things down into their basic Primitives (simple 3D forms) and then how to draw simple and complex objects from reference at any angle using simple perspective tricks and forms!

Right now and over the next couple of weeks the lessons will drop into the course.

Subscribers should check their Dashboard to jump into it!

The second full section is up NOW!

This course (and the FOUR to follow!) are based on a course I  put together for my design drawing students at my new university. I’ll chat about that here on the blog over the next few weeks as each section of Foundations of Form makes its way onto the site!

Covid Adventure Notes!

School ended in May and I hit the end of the semester like car folding over a tree. It was all very strange. I started a Kratky style hydroponic garden in my closet to grow bok choy and buttercrunch lettuce (look it up, pretty easy to do).  Even put the lighting on a timer to set it and forget it! The local gardening supplier was considered essential and were open. Also at this point I grabbed toilet paper whenever I saw it at the shops when I went out from my house every few weeks. Now I have an 18 month supply… I fully stocked my freezer and fridge.

I also had some new perspective. Figuratively and literally. I could see a lot more clearly what my students needed from their first semester course to benefit their second semester of figure focus. That got the brain juices flowing.  There’s a lot to consider and how do you fold the technical information with the conceptual into a practical step-by-step course. Notes were scattered all over, but as I laid it out, the noise turned into a pattern. That pattern turned into a process.

The big question came.

How do I get the students to shift from the inexperienced view of the world, to one that revolved around deconstructing what surrounds them into something that’s manageable, that anyone from any background can learn and follow?

But then the covid cases started to surge again in July.

Decisions had to be made…

More next week.

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