Isometric Diorama

The Basics of Primitives, Perspective, & the Picture Plane
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Goals and Outcomes:

  • Master the basic essentials of precise Isometric Perspective
  • Render Perfect 3D Primitives in 1Isometric Perspective
  • Render Circles as Ellipses in Isometric Perspective
  • Master Compound Forms and Letter Forms with Isometric Perspective
  • Practice rendering with Technical Pens (Micron type)
  • Continue to develop the basic illustration steps of research, development & finish
  • Practice the use of Reference by combining researched resources and fixed shapes into new ideas.
  • Continue to maintain consistency through style, form language, and technique

Welcome to 1 Point Perspective and The Moebius Minecraft Garden!

During this course you will learn to understand and manipulate 1 Point Perspective, Basic Primitives, and the creation of space in a dynamic composition through the use of Foreground, Midground & Background.  Basic Primitives are used to construct a scene while keeping their character as a practical application of Form Language, then study and apply textures to their surfaces.

You will also master the Technical Pen through the study and imitation of the master comics artist Moebius (Jean Giraud) to develop the final illustration and textures.

Watch each video, calmly listen, move on to the Activities, then try out the processes as you see instructed in the video. Carefully complete them IN ORDER! The demos help you understand the technical concepts built into the final project. They are vital to complete before each and every Activity.

Good luck and be sure to share your work and progress on Instagram with the tag #myartprofessor!

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