Fundamentals: 1 Point Perspective

the ins and outs of manipulating space in 1 point perspective.
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Goals and Outcomes:

  • learn to understand the perspective space
  • learn the anatomy of perspective
  • learn how to make careful and precise measurements in perspective
  • learn how to manipulate basic primitives into forms
  • see how to affect the viewers POV
  • follow along with an applied project
  • measure exact angled slopes
  • plot shadows
  • and more …

You will learn all the essential concepts and processes of 1 point perspective including drawing squared grids, perfect cubes, ellipses, circles, arches, slopes, lighting basics, dealing with a variety of applied situations, and applying 1 point perspective to a composition in a series of 50+ video lessons and assignments!

Watch each video once through first, calmly listen, then watch and try out the processes. After most every theoretical lesson, there is now a practical follow along project! Use the theory to build a house using the ideas from the lessons in a real world situation and master 1 Point Perspective!

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