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New Course Launching Today! Covid Part 01

Adventures in Covid Isolation, right?

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but it’s been an insane year!

– Oh you too? –

more about my adventures in isolation begin below.



Foundations of Form

It’s all about learning to break things down into their basic Primitives (simple 3D forms) and then how to draw simple and complex objects from reference at any angle using simple perspective tricks and forms!

Right now and over the next few weeks subscribers will get access to this new course.

Subscribers should check their Dashboard to jump into it!

The first full section is up NOW!

This course (and the FOUR to follow!) are based on a course I  put together for my design drawing students at my new university. I’ll chat about that here on the blog over the next few weeks as each section of Foundations of Form makes its way onto the site!

Covid Adventure Notes!

Let’s begin!

When Covid hit the US back in March and I had to take my figure drawing class online for the second half of the semester. It represented a radical shift from the way I delivered figure drawing to my students in the past. I teach a step-by-step method for drawing the figure that brings together the amazing lessons I learned from my best instructors along with insights I received since. My students just completed that process and they just started doing long poses for it when we went on Spring Break in mid-March. We all watched as this mysterious disease made it’s way out of China and across the world. During the break I stopped into my office and saw my area head. I asked…are we coming back after spring break? 

He just sighed.

The next day they announced that all classes were going online and students who had left to other countries and states would not return to campus and that the campus would no longer hold classes in person.

We were all going on Zoom.

Not just here, but everywhere.

And I had a week to prepare the new content based on the new set of circumstances. Personally I felt disappointed that all this work would be wasted, I had this track of study all laid out in my head. The students responded really well to it and they were on track for amazing new work.

The thing is…

The second part of this course, the part after the process had been studied and mastered, takes them through a number of exercises to help them actually use the figure in more practical and professional circumstances.

I love figure drawing just for figure drawing, but as a teacher I learned that not everyone does (sadly…), but that people do seem to get more invested in things that really serve a longer term personal goal. For many of these students drawing isn’t there just for drawing, but for communicating with clients and for organizing, presenting, and selling their ideas. They adapted beautifully and by the end produced some great illustrations based on processes that will eventually come here too!

But, this also got me thinking about the Fall drawing course for freshmen and the months ahead of me that were needed to prepare. A drawing course very different than any I ever taught or been taught. One that brings a lot more purpose, concept and ideation to drawing.

I’ll talk about that more next time!

See you then!

20.05.31 Updates!

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 4.24.24 PM

Been a while! At the moment I’m still sporting my covid haircut!

You may have not have noticed, but the world went crazy there for a moment and appears to want add more fuel to the fire. I personally, like many of you, found that I had to adapt a lot to the new circumstances, especially when I had to update all of my university courses to teach them online over zoom and across multiple continents. Fortunately for me, I have experience teaching online through my efforts here, even so, I learned a lot of new things helping out my students. Experiences that I can apply here.

While I have not updated this blog in several months, there have been ongoing updates to the course materials since the last January update.

I completed the 2pt Perspective Course in April! All the content you need to master 1 & 2 Point Linear Perspective, well, it’s up and ready for you to dive in deep with!

And the MAPMonthlies (April & May) are now up to date as well, soon to be followed up with the June edition in the next week or so!

Along with these updates, I’m hard at work on organizing and preparing to build the next set of courses during the summer break. I’ve also been really active over on the rainlandstudios instagram account and now I’m nearly at 50 thousand followers!

Please let me know if you have any requests or questions!

You haven’t subscribed yet? Do check out the subscription options up above!

More to come!
Professor Sakievich

20.01.22 Updates! Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.19.48 AM

Happy New Years, Students!!

The January MAP Monthly was added a couple weeks back! I used a popular instagram post as the subject and I walk you through the whole process of developing the image and finishing it! Check it out, follow along, and let me know what you think!

I kept pretty quiet over the last month as I’ve been pushing through on finalizing the 2 Point Perspective course. Well, since the last update I completed and added the traditional media series & two of the Follow Along sections to the course. 

That is…I’ve added 30 videos over that time period. Yeah, just checked the exact count. 31 if you count the January MAP Monthly.

What do all those include?

The Architectural Projection project and Building Construction (exterior & interior combined). The image above comes from the Building Construction project. It’s not that scary, trust me!

Just one section left! Then I can move on putting together some other new courses! I’m thinking about working on two at the same time, but I do need to think through it a bit more. I also added update posts to the top of the 2 Point Course to make it easier to keep track of what I’ve added and so you can check out the new stuff if you’re all caught up! That will go away once the course is complete.

Do check out the subscription options up above!

More to come!
Professor Sakievich

19.12.26 MAP Monthlies Updated!


Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

All MAP Monthlies are now updated with content for October, November & December!

Things have been quiet on my end over the last few months as I’ve moved across the country, settled into the new teaching position, working some great private students, and doing freelance! All is pretty quiet now as many people are spending time with families and making new memories.
Here’s what we have for the MAP Monthlies:
  • October – an overview of my Inktober! How to set up a challenge, manage your goals and narrow them so that it can be more successfully accomplished. Check out my Inktober Challenge on my instagram for the month of October!
  • November – a watercolor and ink sketch of another imagined vehicle and how you can think through that process.
  • December – one of my pareidolia (patterns seen in random shapes) monsters and how you can set up and plan without planning so you can craft one of those fairly quickly!
 Plus! That December one is now included in the free lesson materials for anyone that’s made a free account! Do check it out and let me know what you think!
More to come!
Professor Sakievich

19.09.11 September MAP Monthly Added! (6 part video series)

All Caught Up!
I decided to go with some of the type of content I’ve been producing over on my rainlandstudios instagram. The illustration that has unexpectedly become my sketch/study page.  This is a process I use there all the time and I get tons of questions about it during live streams. It’s a very simple process and I’ve put together a video series in the MAP Monthly for September that walks you through it. I even provide the original reference shot in the lesson to follow along with!
A new live course is starting on September 14th! Check out LIVE CLASSES above and sign up. Bring a project/skill/portfolio pieces that you need to push your career goals forward!
Also Also
Back live-streaming regularly on my rainlandstudios instagram and Dlive, Twitch, & Youtube under myartprofessor. I’m also trying to regularly record my demos while teaching my university courses and those are showing up on my instagram for myartprofessor!
Thanks for checking in!
Professor Sakievich

19.09.04 15 MAP Monthly Videos Added

Apologies for the deafening silence over the last few months!
Here’s what’s been going on…
Back in May, I started up the MAP Monthly series. At the same moment I completed that initial May chapter I became inundated with so much freelance work, that I could barely breath. For Months. After the beginning of the new year, I divided my efforts between completing this site and creating new portfolio pieces that I then spent about a month sending out to potential clients. That resulted in that flood of work. 
That flood put all of my lesson making plans on hold, while I tried to keep up with clients needs. I worked with 5 totally new clients.
Three were concept clients for different companies, one was an AR company, and one is a creative studio.
Then in June, I interviewed with the famous Ringling College of Art and Design, where I recently accepted a position and moved to Sarasota, Florida. I’m teaching first year foundation courses, which really are my most favorite subjects.
Now What?
Due to the recent threat of Hurricane Dorian, the Labor Day weekend, and that my schedule has settled with the new semester of courses, I had some time to sit down and complete the series of “shorter” MAP Monthly lessons. And I’m all CAUGHT UP!
I actually didn’t intend to make so many videos, but as I went through each one, it just made sense. So, there they are.
Next up is September and then onto the practical demo lessons for the 2 Point Perspective Course. The next courses are also in a state of planning once that is complete.
It’s so great to be back making this content. I hope you enjoy it. I also enabled comments on the MAP Monthly pages. I’d love your feedback on those along with requests for future topics. I think I’m gonna take things outside for September, but we’ll see.
A new live course is starting on September 14th! Check out LIVE CLASSES above and sign up. Bring a project/skill/portfolio pieces that you need to push your career forward!
Also Also
Back live-streaming regulary on my rainlandstudios instagram and Dlive under myartprofessor.
Thanks for checking in!
Professor Sakievich

19.05.06. MAP Monthly & More Lessons

First off, Thanks again to everyone that follows the news here! Behold my grumpy fish!
9 New Videos Added Today!
The Practical Follow Along Project for 1 Point Perspective
First of all, I added in 4 more lessons to the practical follow along project for 1 Point Perspective! These will help you work with circles and ellipses, cones and arches as you add them on to the house! I also added the relevant follow along lessons to the free sample course(3 of them)!
MAP Monthly
MAP (My Art Professor) Monthly is a new monthly tutorial series available by a separate subscription, but is ALSO included at no extra cost with the lesson subscriptions! Current (and Future) subscribers should already see it in their Courses List! Each month, I’ll make a new lesson that’s about a specific subject related to popular instagram posts, frequently asked topics from subscribers or from my live-streams, or about a some narrow process or subject that doesn’t fit easily with other lessons.
The first one is about the watercolor, ink and gouache concepting silhouettes I make using organic randomized remixes of shapes and patterns I reference from real things or make up out of thin air based on the happy accidents available to the materials. There are five videos in total, along with hi-res scans of the silhouettes, and links to the materials.
Professor Sakievich

19.04.29. Huge Update! New Lessons!

First off, Thanks to everyone that follows the news here!
10 New Videos Added Today!
Sorry that it’s been so quiet here as I’ve been catching up with some necessary external efforts and while I’ve been cooking up some plans to make the current content even easier to learn!
I put together a follow along project that required a lot of prep time (for me) to help you learn even faster! The above image is the project that you can now start to build in the 1 Point Perspective Course as you go from theory lesson to theory lesson. After nearly every major lesson there is now a Follow Along Project Video where you build that house piece by piece. It shows how each bit of theory relates to all the others, so now the content is no longer seen in isolation. There’s also lots of short cuts and tips and tricks to show how everything builds into each other.  The entire series, 14 videos in total, is complete and the first 6 sections (8 videos) are now installed on the site and ready for you!
I’m also putting together a similar follow along project for the 2 Point Perspective Course. I hope to start filming it this weekend. Along with that, I also completed the final theory lessons for that course! Repeating objects and a chapter on Lighting. Now to do the follow along series and then the final demo series for architectural projection, an interior, isolated building, and composition. Those will all take some time to plan complete and I’m looking forward to jumping into them.
Anyway. Thank you so much for your support! I had no idea the effort this project would require! The next two courses that will follow these are also going to start production soon as I finalize the list of projects they will require and the number and type of videos they’ll need.
Professor Sakievich

19.03.25 2 New Lessons on Space Added to 2 Pt

Today I added 2 new lessons to the 2 Point Perspective course on discovering distance and locations and creating irregular but specific features on a wall (in this case, doors and windows) in 2 Point Perspective. Lesson descriptions were added and assignments are still pending. While these may not look as exciting as some other lessons, they do make it SO much easier to really locate the viewer’s relationship with the content of your imagination. It really puts them in their place!

If you haven’t yet, try out the forums and post your projects in progress there and to instagram (tag me there @myartprofessor).

Screenshots below from the recently added lessons!


19.03.18 New Lessons Added!

Today I added in 2 new lessons to the 2 Point Perspective course on creating compound circular (elliptical) objects and rotating circles & ellipses in 2 Point Perspective. Lesson descriptions were added and assignments are still pending. The lesson on compound objects is a bit…way too…long at the moment. And edited version is forthcoming once I can come up for air!

As a “behind the scenes” thought, I’m also looking at creating an addendum to both perspective courses. This is more of a “follow along process” where after each(or most) theory lessons & sections you would create a whole space or composition along with me that would apply the lessons. By the end you would come out with an entire space that would demonstrate your understanding and application of the material.

I remember being in math courses as a teenager and being frustrated that the assignments didn’t look like the examples in the textbook or class (as far as I could tell anyway…) instead of progressing from examples that were similar and then gradually changing in their appearance or application the deeper you got into the homework. So, that’s why I want to make that change and I think it will make the material more applicable to you!

Do let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you haven’t yet, try out the forums and post your projects in progress there and to instagram (tag me there @myartprofessor).

Screenshots below from the recently added lessons!


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