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New Course Launched

New Course now available to paid subscribers! Isometric Perspective! This is a great type of perspective drawing that I use all the time in concept art and coming up with ideas for personal projects. There’s no horizon line or vanishing points. You can see this type in top down type video games and in cool illustrations and graphics. It’s fairly simple and a lot of fun for those who are new to perspective!
It fits into the Intro To Form series as the 4th course following Rhetorical Rooms

New Course Launched

Also! The Founding Members Subscription  has closed. There’s a new price available for new subscribers still incredibly affordable!

Join us today!

New Course Launching!

A new course is launching over the next few weeks for subscribers! Rhetorical Rooms! In this course you learn some of the basics of 2 Point Perspective using traditional media, before recreating a real room in your home, using Visual Rhetoric to enhance it with meaning and then plan and ink it with ONLY figure/ground shapes and silhouettes!

For those that haven’t done this before, this a great way of really understanding how composition works and how they can create more impactful impressions on your audiences!

Updated the Resources "Course" Area

I updated the Resources Course to include links to sites I use to order supplies.

Founders Subscription Price Ending SOON!

Also! The Founding Members Subscription will be closing soon! There will be more info on that soon.

What that means is that current subscribers will keep the crazy low price they signed up for permanently and that price will eventually not be available to future subscribers.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about that, now’s the time to act!

The final form is here!

Going solo with Watercolor in this one! Transfer from the finished drawing to the surface, then we jump straight into the color.

For subscribers only!

From the perspective to the inks!

This month sees us going from the perspective drawing last month into the inking process this month! Drawing on tracing paper feels sooooo good! Right?


Spaceship & Perspective!

Quick Update!

June’s MAP Monthly is posted! Spaceship & Perspective Part 01! Rough and intense perspective!

Latest MAP Monthly is up for subscribers!

Another color study from a photo I shot at the Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskill Mountains of New York state!  I hope you enjoy it!

Do hit me up with any questions or comments you may have!

MAP Monthly Updates

Semester’s winding down here at the university! Finally!

Lately I had my nose to the grindstone trying to get all caught up with the MAP Monthlies! And…guess what? I am all done and caught up through April and May’s comes out soon!

This series from November till April features an Inktober that I take from the original 1 hour drawing done live on Instagram through the general illustration process to a completed ink and watercolor image. A snippet is featured in this post! Hopefully it helps you out!

There’re a bunch more in the can that I’m looking forward to sharing with you as the year progresses!


additional course updates!!

Also, due to all the online instruction I had to do this year, I have a ton more courses coming your way as I complete them this Summer and Fall. That will mean more potential progress in your drawing skills as you sit down, focus, and work your way through those exercises!

There will be more on perspective, designing image spaces, working with lens types (great for storyboarders and animators). Foundational figure drawing, essential anatomy and the figure applied in composition and spaces!

Largely it is just a process of seeing which content can be kept, which needs to be updated, and what new content to add to complete these courses. Look for those as the year moves on!

Actually, I will hit up my email list to see which course completion gets prioritized first!

Once these get done, there will also be a graphical overhaul of the subscribers’ course page to make it easy to coordinate your learning path!

So…lots coming!

Join up today to get in while the price is still held at the Prime Founder’s rate. You’ll always keep that!

Do hit me up with any questions or comments you may have!

Welcome to 2021!

First of all there’s a big noticeable update to the site! Hopefully easier to find and use info from the main pages!

Second of all! Another course has been fully loaded. It’s about the basic use of precise 1 Point Perspective, Composition, and Simple technical pen (micron) style inking! All paid memberships should have it in their course library now!

THIRD of all! I have a ton of other content that’s being finalized for the site and should be coming over the next few months as things settle down at the university!

I’m really looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Do hit me up with any questions or comments you may have!

Continued Adventures in Covid Isolation!

Ready for the final section?

you probably heard by now that,



Foundations of Form

It’s all about learning to break things down into their basic Primitives (simple 3D forms) and then how to draw simple and complex objects from reference at any angle using simple perspective tricks and forms!



Right now and over the next couple of weeks the lessons will drop into the course.

Subscribers should check their Dashboard to jump into it!


The fourth final section is up NOW!


I’ll skip a few things here for later, but I finally finished the first section and since there are 5 days between classes, I took a little break and went to see some Fall colors in northern Georgia around the town of Dahlonega. Totally gorgeous.
I had a secondary purpose for that trip too. To test out my rig for a micro camper. At this moment it’s a no build set up. Just a mattress, window covers, curtain, assorted belongings and custom 12v water pump.
The ultimate plein air landscape painting mobile! I’m hoping to convert it totally during the next semester!
I finally finished recording all the videos that the students needed to complete their course material. One of the things I love about freshmen is that they have no prior real training (for the most part), so the fact that this course is completely different than what they would normally get anywhere else is completely invisible to them. It’s just challenges and information that must be dealt with now.
But, back to making this course. One of the things that must differentiate the course I made for my students and the one for here is that my university students and I meet each week for feedback. The one that resides here has to be able to exist independent from that.  You will want to be able to follow along, know the expectations and results without every needing to speak to me. Luckily my experiences with the students also helped answer that challenge.
However…when I sat down and looked at the over 120 lessons I prepared for them and realized it would simply be too much for a single course. Especially now that I need to backfill in some of the gaps and finish the final projects. It may get to around 150 lessons…
Looking over it, I realized that it would work really really well as a set of 5 sequential courses. Beginning with the current one, Foundations of Form.  That one is now complete.

So, if you haven’t yet, do check it out!

Current and future subscribers now have access to it!

For people new to the site you can sign up for a 3 day free trial to see all the courses before you need to pay for it.

For those that already took advantage of that in the past, I’ll leave a few of the lessons in the Sample Lessons. You get a link in your email to access that if you haven’t yet after you sign up for the myartprofessor newsletter.

I’m really excited about this course and the series that will follow over the next couple months as I go in and finalize projects, insert extra lessons etc to bring it all to finish.

Their working titles are:

  • Moebius Garden
  • Rhetorical Rooms
  • Isometric Diorama
  • Perspective, Lenses, & Composition

I’ll share more about them in the future.

You’ll see some other changes here on the site too as I come up for air that I think will simplify and organize things as I add more and more lessons here.

Continued Adventures in Covid Isolation!

Where are you at in the new course yet?

Either way more about my adventures in isolation begin below.

oh you haven’t heard?



Foundations of Form

It’s all about learning to break things down into their basic Primitives (simple 3D forms) and then how to draw simple and complex objects from reference at any angle using simple perspective tricks and forms!

Right now and over the next couple of weeks the lessons will drop into the course.

Subscribers should check their Dashboard to jump into it!

The third full section is up NOW!

This course (and the FOUR to follow!) are based on a course I  put together for my design drawing students at my new university. I’ll chat about that here on the blog over the next few weeks as each section of Foundations of Form makes its way onto the site!

Covid Adventure Notes!

So that surge, Florida reported 10,000 then 15-16 thousand cases per day. Lots of universities announced their plans to go online, do hybrid courses, or attempt 100% in-person on campus classes with various safety measures. Mine decided on a mixture of those three eventually, but in July everything was up in the air. Kinda chaotic.

I decided to go with a hybrid class. I did learn that the repetitive nature of the course material on-line and presenting to students over a 3 hour period on Zoom exhausted both the students’ attention and my energy. Plus Zoom recorded each session and the students could access that. I thought, why not do a hybrid style class where their primary instruction would come from prerecorded demos and activities that they could access on their schedule and then meet with them in the classroom in small masked groups of 4 for critiques, Q&A, and demos.

That became the decision.

The main trick with a new course is really seeing the ending from the beginning while my notes started coming together.

During the summer there were a couple scares with flu like symptoms, but tests came back (18 days later back then…) negative. But it still interrupted me.

The Kratky garden continued to grow! That limited my need to get fresh greens from the grocer. The outdoor zucchini had some false starts.

I started recording in August. School’s beginning was delayed for students coming from other countries to have sufficient time for their visas and quarantines. Foundations of Form represents those first set of lessons for their first project. But it wasn’t quite ready to be on here just yet.

More next week.

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