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Isometric Diorama

Master drawing environments, cars, ships and more with this easy perspective system!
Learning perspective can be a real challenge, but with this simple system you can make amazing places to explore with your imagination! You'll go step by step to learn how to navigate, manipulate, create and present an amazing world all created by YOU!

Create worlds the easy way!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside of the Isometric Diorama Course!

You’ll break things down to their most basic concepts, learn to move inside this simple perspective system, manipulate the basic primitives and create complex shapes! You’ll also explore how to blend buildings and letters to create entirely original designs.

Build your world and Create amazing places to explore!

Don't worry about getting lost!

There’s more than 20 lessons and activities that walk you step-by-step through how to create a simple street scene and a courtyard! Plus there’s bonus content from the monthly MyArtProfessor subscription on how to create scifi spaceships using these exact same techniques!

The videos and assignments were created for college freshmen and can be entirely completed within a couple weeks all in one place! This course is suitable for any teenager or a precocious pre-teen!

Follow along as you learn this precise perspective process!

I break things down so that anyone can follow along! You’ll learn the “Anatomy of Isometric” Perspective, then how to navigate it. Then you’ll create simple Primitives. Then you’ll do studies of Letter Forms and Architecture before you learn to design your own original ideas!

Then you start building your scene! I demo three buildings I saw in Osaka Japan and combine them with three Letters! Then build out a courtyard!

Master the Micron Pen!

We’ll also study how to use Microns to create fine details in our buildings and master the iterative illustration process to build out from simple sketchy thoughts to refined ink drawings!

What will you learn!

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll learn in the course! It’s all laid out so that anyone can follow along!

In this 5 video series you’ll learn all about the Anatomy of Isometric Perspective. How to navigate it, then draw the Primitives (Cubes, Pyramids, Wedges, Spheres, Cones and Cylinders). This gives you the basic building blocks to draw ANYTHING!

Learn to draw simple and complex Buildings using Isometric Perspective. Identify and manipulate the primitives and redraw a real building stylized in Isometric Perspective!

Next we’ll learn how to draw letter forms! We’ll first set things up on an Orthographic Grid (more on that in the course). Then use it as a guide to precisely sketch the letter into Isometric Perspective! You get a perfect result each and every time!

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