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Rhetorical Rooms

The Basics of Primitives, Perspective, & the Picture Plane
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Goals and Outcomes:

  • Master the basic essentials of precise 2 Point Perspective
  • Render Perfect 3D Primitives in 2 Point Perspective
  • Render Vertical & Horizontal Circles as Ellipses in 2 Point Perspective
  • Measure & proportionally render real spaces
  • Understand the fundamentals of Visual Rhetoric
  • Creatively apply Visual Rhetoric to your composition
  • Understand and practice Figure/Ground(NOTAN) inking technique
  • Then use it to create your final composition.

Welcome to 2 Point Perspective and Rhetorical Rooms!

During this course you will learn to understand and manipulate 2 Point Perspective, Basic Primitives, and other essential perspective skills and then apply them to rendering a real room in your home! Through careful manipulation of perspective you will create this room and then apply Visual Rhetoric to it! This can add whole new levels of meaning to your art by allowing it communicate so much about you and your ideas!

You will continue to master the Technical Pen through the study and application of Figure/Ground inking! This art style is popular in printed media with illustrators like Mike Mignola and Frank Miller, but can also be found as the foundation for lots of eye catching illustrations! BUT, in this case you will use NO LINES in the final image, ONLY SHAPES that interlock to form your image. This requires some planning and foresight, but you’ll be able to confidently apply this by the time you’re done!

Watch each video, calmly listen, move on to the Activities, then try out the processes as you see instructed in the video. Carefully complete them IN ORDER! The demos help you understand the technical concepts built into the final project. They are vital to complete before each and every Activity.

Good luck and be sure to share your work and progress on Instagram with the tag #myartprofessor!

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