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Foundations of Form

The Basics of Primitives, Perspective, & the Picture Plane
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Goals and Outcomes:

  • the Primitives
  • basic Linear Perspective concepts
  • the Horizon Line and Vanishing Points
  • cropping to affect spatial compositions
  • the deconstruction of objects into Primitives
  • the construction and manipulation of objects from Primitives
  • the basics of the Anatomy of Light
  • Light & Shadow on forms to create simple Value Patterns

Welcome to the Foundations of Form!

During this course you will learn to understand and manipulate the Primitives, understand the basics of Perspective and how it relates to creating convincing compositions. The basic Primitives are used to construct simple and complex objects, scenes, concepts, and relationships within compositions or vignettes. If you understand how to deconstruct real world objects and scenes into their Primitives, you will more confidently construct your own, as well as be able to manipulate and draw ANYTHING!

You will also learn to master the most basic ink drawing tool, the Ballpoint Pen. Because it is so universally accessible you will find it extremely valuable as you work with clients and explore your ideas.

Watch each video, calmly listen, move onto the Activities, then try out the processes as you see instructed in the video. Carefully complete them IN ORDER! The demos help you understand the technical concepts built into the final project. They are vital to complete before each and every Activity.

Good luck and be sure to share your work and progress on Instagram with the tag #myartprofessor!

Foundations of Form

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