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There’s so much to share with you, but I think these first steps will help the most with a little practice!

I know how frustrating it can be to miss out on some basic drawing techniques.

Even though a lot can go into making a drawing amazing, there’s really just a few things that make the biggest difference to my students.

I’ve tested this on hundreds and hundreds of them over the years and it instantly changes everything for them.

They pay thousands of dollars in university tuition to master them, but today I’m giving them out for free.

The difference will seem like magic, even though it’s so simple and easy.

Actually they’re obvious once you know them!

You don’t need any special or expensive tools, software, hardware or even any technical knowledge.

Let’s get started!


Let's Try Something Out Here

Can you make some simple changes to your drawings to dramatically improve them over the next few days?

Let’s find out!

Grab a few sheets of paper (any kind will do) and a sharpened pencil.

Watch the video below.

Follow the instructions (including when I ask you to pause and do something!).

Then do the listed homework below the video!

Play Video

Easy Enough, Right?

Don’t skip the first part! It’s really important.

That’s a really simple change, that anyone can make.

It adds life to your drawings, instantly, just by how you hold your pencil and move your shoulder.

Once you get a little practice, you will draw with a lot more confidence.


Complete the following
  • Use a few pages and just practice holding the tool (check the video) and making those soft and sharp lines using the techniques I show you! (Go back and review as often as necessary)
  • Make a comment below
    • Let me know what you’ve done from the free course material and how it worked out for you.
    • What else would you be excited to learn about?
  • ALSO! Post your work on Instagram using the hashtag #myartprofessor (I follow that one!) So I can see what you’ve done!
  • Remember to follow my instagrams @RainlandStudios, @PeterSakievich, & @MyArtProfessor
  • Go here to watch my live streams (on the instagrams!) Twitch and Youtube @myartprofessor!


Do your homework and watch for the next one where you’ll learn how to combine this technique with learning How To Draw In 3D.
Peter Sakievich

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