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Have you taken some time to really try things out?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Once you do, you will see improvement.

You should already see some today!

My students always do.

That’s something I want to be able to share with more aspiring artists, just like you!

These tools can be held in every hand.

You have something to share with the world and this can give you a way to do just that!

Let's Draw Some Real Things!

  1. Get some fresh paper and a sharpened pencil or two!
  2. Check your pencil handling.
  3. Shake your shoulder loose.
  4. Then watch the video, follow along.
  5. Try to draw what I’m drawing. The reference is included below.
  6. Then do your homework.
Play Video

Now you can see why you went through the previous steps.

You can take everything we’ve looked at in just these 3 lessons to make drawings that are a lot more advanced.

Inside the Free Course Membership, you’ll find new skills just like these.

Take advantage of them.

Check in, because they do change as more lessons get added to the much more in depth Full Membership.

Look around you and you should be able to start to see how you can draw everything and anything at all using these basic techniques.

Bite sized pieces. Step-by-step.

How much you can accomplish with just a little practice? In a month? Six months? Or even a year?

Then where in the world could you go and take these skills?

Reference for Practice!


Here’s some homework!

  1. Once you practice this technique a bit, go look at the PreTest
  2. Did you see any improvement? In Line Quality, Expressiveness? Does it feel 3D??
  3. Comment below about it!
  4. Have you gone into the free course membership and tried the lessons there? What are your results?
  5. Remember to share your project activities on Instagram with the hashtag #myartprofessor, so I can see it!
  6. Follow my instagrams RainlandStudios, PeterSakievich, & MyArtProfessor
  7. For live streams (the instagrams!) Twitch and Youtube @myartprofessor.


Next time I’ll show you what’s available in the Full Membership.

From the growth you’ve seen so far, are you ready to take it even further?

Completely transform the way you look at drawing?

I have a limited time offer for you, so you can jump start your skills as affordably as possible!

Talk to you soon!

Peter Sakievich

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