Artists! Level up your 2 Point Perspective and Creativity by jumping into Rhetorical Rooms!

Combine the forces of essential precise 2 Point Perspective, Notan and Visual Rhetoric to make striking illusionistic images that leave a real impact on your audience!!

Artists! Level up your 2 Point Perspective and Creativity by jumping into Rhetorical Rooms!

Combine the forces of essential precise 2 Point Perspective, Notan and Visual Rhetoric to make striking illusionistic images that leave a real impact on your audience!!

Are you looking to take your drawing skills beyond only drawing what you can see?

Are you tired of flat, uninteresting drawings and want to bring your art to life?

Do you want to master 2 point perspective, Notan design and learn to create images with greater meaning ALL in one comprehensive course?

This 2-Point Perspective course not only teaches you the deeper secrets of creating depth and space in your drawings, but also introduces you to the world of Notan design and Rhetorical Devices.

Notan creates visual balance and focus through shape and silhouette.

With a focus on simplicity and balance, Notan design will add another layer of interest to your drawings.

(NO-TAN is a unique design tool used by artists to contrast positive and negative shapes to create more balanced and interesting designs)

Rhetorical devices, like metaphor, repetition or contrast, will enhance the impact of your artwork and convey deeper meanings to your audience.

Learning Perspective Without Purpose?

Learning new technical skills can be really helpful, BUT technique without purpose isn’t helpful in the long run.

You need to have something to say with the tools you master.

That’s why this course not only teaches you the essentials of 2 Point Perspective and, like all MAP courses, gives you a practical project, BUT this one also dives into a special design technique and conceptual approach that add layers of meaning and depth to your work!

Imagine how much more satisfying it will be to create dynamic and impactful artwork that showcases not just your technical skills, but also your vision and personality.

Enroll today in our 2-Point Perspective course and see your art come to life with greate depth, balance, and meaning.

Level Up Step-By-Step!

There’s more than 35 lessons and activities that walk you step-by-step through exactly how to recreate a real room in your home precisely and proportionately in 2 Point Perspective.

(By the way, that’s my kitchen!)

All this while also developing important visual communication and design skills!

The videos and assignments were specifically created for university freshmen who had NO prior drawing experience.

This course is perfectly suitable for any adult, teenager or a precocious pre-teen even if you’ve never even tried drawing before!

Finally you don’t have to spend hours digging through half-baked incomplete YouTube videos or sit through ads…while trying to figure all this out.

It’s all here in one place!

Student-Tested on Live Human Subjects in Real Time

This course (like ALL my courses) has been student-tested on live human subjects.

Because this material has been taught live in the classroom to real students who ask the most detailed questions and encounter every and all challenges and misunderstandings, you’ll find that every point of confusion has been removed!

I break things down for you into concise, simple and most importantly complete step-by-step lessons so that you can easily follow along to master this unique type of drawing!

Each lesson is just long enough to cover the subject which also makes it really easy to go back, find and review material!

What exactly will you learn?

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll find in each chapter in this all-inclusive course!

In this introduction you’ll learn all about the Anatomy Essentials of 2 Point Perspective.

You’ll master how to navigate inside this space, then  draw the Basic 3D Primitives.

These basic building blocks let you draw pretty much ANYTHING in 2 Point Perspective!

In this applied project you reconstruct in perfect proportions a room in your home (or any other real world space you can actually measure).

While this can seem like a real challenge, you’ll get step-by-step instruction on how to start simply and then gradually add more and more details.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about 2 Point Perspective AND started using it in a real project, you’ll continue learning how this fundamental type of perspective works with round forms and how to render them perfectly every time!

You’ll also learn a bit about how to come up with original building designs and then remake them perfectly in perspective!

In this chapter you continue to construct your room by going deep into the details until the whole drawing is completed!

Then you’ll learn how to apply Rhetorical Devices to your drawing in order to add layers of meaning to your technical drawing.

In this chapter you’ll learn about the relationship between Notan and Chiaroscuro. These are two separate, but related approaches to drawing, painting and design that every artist should master.

You’ll get some practice for making them work together while also understanding how they differ from each other.

Now you’ll put all the pieces together! You’ve built the room, planned your concept and now you’re ready to do the final composition drawing and then ink it!

(I also have some secret techniques on how to fix inking mistakes too!)

At this point you’ll have an amazing and unique image and a huge pile of new skills!

Hello! I'm professor Peter Sakievich!

I’ve taught in universities and privately in the US and Hong Kong since 2004.

I also work with game studios, entertainment companies and fine art galleries!

Over the years I’ve taught a wide range of courses to thousands of students.

Now those students work at amazing places doing incredible things every single day!

From them I’ve learned to assume that what you really want is solid information explained and demonstrated simply to help you gain confidence.

You want to know that you can use these skills to solve your real everyday artistic challenges.

This (and all my courses) are the result of daily working with real students in the classroom year after year helping them get results as fast and complete as possible!

watercolor sketching in Mong Kok, Hong Kong!

The Rhetorical Room Course will help you IF:

What Former Students Have to Say!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, actually. If you can pick up a pen and use a ruler, you’re ready to go!

While you can use a lot of different materials, I recommend using:

  • meter/yard stick
  • 30.60.90 and 45.45.90 triangles
  • measuring tape (YES, really!)
  • smooth Bristol Board
  • micron style pens
  • colorerase pencils
  • eraser
  • tracing paper

Though there are other materials you could use, this is a pretty simple list of tools that anyone can find and use.

As soon as payment is completed then you get instant lifetime access!

You get access right away to everything and you can always skip ahead to that question you’ve been killing yourself to find an answer for!

BUT I recommend taking it step by step as you follow along. That will make everything a lot easier to master.

Come back as often as you need to refresh your memory even after you complete the materials!

This is a traditional media project for some good reasons.

While you might be able to make it work on the computer, this one is set up for you to get into deep contact with real world materials.

Using tactile real world traditional materials will make you a better draftsman and artist!

Nope! The course material is immediately available 24/7/365 here on the site!

You can move through it at your own pace, skipping or repeating lessons as needed!

but, YES I have livestreams on my instagrams (petersakievich, rainlandstudios, and myartprofessor) and on my youtube (myartprofessor) where you can come and participate and ask questions anytime I’m live!

Also! Watch for future live course and office hours opportunities!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

No-Risk 30 Day Guarantee!

You’re going to love this course and you will get solid results.

But…if you’re unsatisfied in any way, I’m offering a 100% “no questions asked” refund up to 30 days after you purchase it.

Just send me a note with your student id and order number with the request and I’ll refund it.

No Explanations Required at all.

I know we live in challenging times. I don’t want anyone to accept any unnecessary risks or hardships.

Get The Course FOR LIFE!

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