Artists! Learn the power of 1 Point Perspective with Moebius Minecraft Gardens

Artists! Learn the power of 1 Point Perspective with Moebius Minecraft Garden Course

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by complicated perspective techniques?

Do you want to learn a simple and effective way to create depth in your drawings?

In this course, you use the work of artist Moebius as inspiration to draw an imaginary enclosed garden in precise 1 Point Perspective.

With this technique, you can create a sense of depth and realism in your drawings that will make them come alive.

You’ll learn how to really tap into your imagination and create an environment you can practically walk right into.

But this course is not just about learning perspective. It’s also about tapping into your creativity.

While learning 1 Point perspective to create this imaginary garden you will also learn how to research, interpret and use original stylized textures to bring your garden to life.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills and confidence to create your own unique drawings using 1 point perspective.

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Make Complex Perspective Simple!

Have you ever struggled to understand the complexities of perspective drawing?

Do you find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to create realistic backgrounds and surroundings in your artwork?

Then this course has the solution for you!

First, I demystify the world of perspective drawing by introducing you to simple yet precise 1 point perspective drawing techniques.

By focusing on combining this single technique with a real project, you will overcome the confusion and challenges commonly associated with learning perspective.

These techniques will allow you to create believable, accurate backgrounds and completely original surroundings in your artwork.

But Technical Perspective isn’t the only thing you’ll learn! You will also learn how to use your creativity and imagination to make your drawings come to life through inking techniques similar to Moebius (Jean Giraud).

Creating a sense of depth and mood by using line weight, texture and composition will become second nature.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and confidence to create stunning drawings using 1 point perspective.

Create Curious Gardens to Explore!

There’s more than 500 minutes in 40 lessons and activities in 6 chapters that walk you step-by-step through exactly how to use precise 1 Point Perspective techniques to create your own Minecraft styled garden using simple blocks and 3D forms!

The videos and assignments were specifically created for university freshmen who had almost NO previous drawing experience.

This course is perfectly suitable for any adult, teenager or even a precocious pre-teen even if you’ve never tried drawing before!

Finally you don’t have to spend hours digging through half-baked incomplete Youtube videos or sit through ads…while trying to figure this out.

It’s all here in one place!

Student-Tested on Live Human Subjects in Real Time

This course (like ALL my courses) has been student-tested on live human subjects.

Because I taught this material live in the classroom to real students who ask the most detailed questions and encounter every and all challenges and misunderstandings, you’ll find that I removed every single potential point of confusion.

I break things down for you into concise, simple and most importantly complete step-by-step lessons so that you can easily follow along to master this unique type of drawing!

Each lesson is just long enough to cover the subject which also makes it really easy to go back, find and review material!

What exactly will you learn?

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll find in each chapter in this all-inclusive course!

In this introduction you’ll learn all about the Anatomy Essentials of 1 Point Perspective. (there’s a lot more, but I keep it pretty basic here.)

How to navigate this space, then master and draw the 3D Primitives in 1 Point Perspective.

This gives you the basic building blocks so that you draw pretty much ANYTHING at all!

The way this course works is that FIRST you learn some technical information so that you can NOW build your own creative project.

Having a practical challenge to achieve is an essential component to real deep learning and plays an important part in all of my courses!

It really helps to master a new skill by actually using it for something interesting and fun.

In this course you’re building an imagined garden of your own design.

My students come up with all kinds of wonderful projects that extend beyond the basic minimum requirements I give them. In anonymous course reviews they often list this project as their favorite.

Now that you’ve had a little taste of how perspective really works AND been able to use it to start your garden, you’re ready to learn all about round primitives and the secret to precisely drawing circles in perspective as ellipses.

This is a really important subject that many pro artists don’t understand at all. But you CAN!

You also learn how design a building from a front view and then project it perfectly proportionately in 1 Point Perspective.

Now you continue with this new information to design your garden and start adding in more details!

Copying and emulating a master is one of the, if not THE BEST, ways to improve your artistic skills.

Since we’re looking at Moebius’ (Jean Giraud), the famous comic book illustrator’s technique, now’s when you’re going to learn how his drawing secrets can help you improve your own inking and match his style.

Now that you’ve mastered the essential inking skills, let’s get some reference (you can use mine that I included!) and build some texture studies, THEN use them to finally detail and ink your very own Garden!

Hello! I'm professor Peter Sakievich!

I’ve taught in universities and privately in the US and Hong Kong since 2004.

I also work with game studios, entertainment companies and fine art galleries!

Over the years I’ve taught a wide range of courses to thousands of students.

Now those students work at amazing places doing incredible things every single day!

From them I’ve learned that what you really want is solid information explained and demonstrated simply to help you maximize confidence.

You want to know that you can use these skills to solve your real everyday artistic challenges.

This (and all my courses) are the result of working daily with real students in the classroom year after year helping them get results as fast and complete as possible!

watercolor sketching in Mong Kok, Hong Kong!

The Moebius Minecraft Garden Course will help you IF:

What Former Students Have to Say!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, actually. If you can pick up a pen and use a ruler, you’re ready to go!

While there is a list of materials in the course, I recommend using:

  • yard/meter ruler
  • 45x45x90 and 30x60x90 triangles (large)
  • drawing compass
  • micron style pens
  • graphite pencils
  • colorerase pencils
  • eraser
  • tracing paper

These are all simple materials that you should be able to find anywhere in the world!

As soon as payment is completed then you get instant lifetime access!

You get access right away to everything all at once so you can always skip ahead to that question you’ve been killing yourself to find an answer for!

But…I’d take it step by step, that’ll simplify things for you.

Come back as often as you need to refresh your memory even after you complete all the materials!

Certainly, but entirely unnecessary.

Both Procreate and Infinite Painter both have 1 point perspective grids that will work “ok” with this. But you won’t get the precision from them that you will with rulers and triangles.

You can also use photoshop or other desktop apps as well depending on your familiarity with them.

BUT I really recommend sticking with pen and paper for this!

There’s just something about using real tactile materials that adds a lot to your understanding that digital work cannot match.

Nope! The course material is immediately available 24/7/365 here on the site!

You can move through it at your own pace, skipping or repeating lessons as needed!

BUT, YES I do have livestreams on my instagrams (petersakievich, rainlandstudios, and myartprofessor) and on my youtube (myartprofessor) where you can come and participate and ask questions anytime I’m live!

Also! Watch for live course and office hours opportunities!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

No-Risk 30 Day Guarantee!

You’re going to love this course and you will get solid results.

But…if you’re unsatisfied in any way, I’m offering a 100% “no questions asked” refund up to 30 days after you purchase it.

Just send me a note with your student id and order number with the request and I’ll refund it.

No Explanations Required at all.

I know we live in challenging times. I don’t want anyone to accept any unnecessary hardships.

Get The Course FOR LIFE!

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