what is myartprofessor.com?


You can take a suite of live classes taught online by Professor Peter Sakievich. He will personally help you uncover your real skills and so you can find your path as an artist. Build a stronger foundation by uncovering your known and unknown weaknesses! Then build them up!  Peter can be your art professor.

Gain insight through projects, work submission, live drawovers, live group critiques, and lively discussion.


Professor Sakievich is actively creating step by step video courses. Coming soon!

You can do a deep dive into the first course, an intensive exploration of 1 Point Perspective principles and application. Soon to be followed up by 2 Point Perspective.

Each and every course will focus on those primary principles that do no change. Even as markets and audiences shift there are essential processes that do not change over time.


FEEDBACK: Don’t have the the time or time zone for live classes? Sign up for a Feedback Membership for video critiques, drawovers and notes of your works in progress.

OFFICE HOURS: Sign up for specific times that work with your schedule for live video conferences with Prof. Sakievich to get feedback and your questions answered.

the plan


Through youtube, twitch, instagram, instagram live, facebook, and free samples here, you’ll get access to all kinds of deep useful information. Tips and tricks to nudge your work forward. Be sure to subscribe to all the platforms to get the full benefit!


For as long as it takes, you will see course after course added dealing with with the basic, midlevel and advanced concepts that artists struggle with the most.
These are university level courses, with high level information packed into lectures, demos and assignments.
You’ll get to see those courses added over time and get access to each finished lesson as lessons are added to each course!


2 Point Perspective – NEXT UP
Here’s a list of proposed courses, many of these will be broken up into multiple courses to make it more digestible for you!
  • 2D Design
  • Color Theory
  • Basic Observational Drawing
  • Advanced Observational Drawing
  • Drawing from Imagination
  • Composition Construction
  • Digital Painting/Illustration
  • Oil Painting Essentials to Material Mastery
  • Painting from life
  • Landscape Painting
  • Synthetic Painting
  • Gouache, Watercolor, Acrylic
  • Visual Development
  • Environment Design
  • Portrait Drawing
  • Human Anatomy
  • Figure Drawing
  • Sketchbook
  • Master Copies
  • …and more