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Assignments tailored to help you master the the content of each and every lesson! Complete them as you move forward.  Rinse & repeat. If you run into trouble, just upgrade to a Feedback Forum or sign up for Office Hours  to get the help you need to progress!

a work in progress

Professor Sakievich is actively creating step by step video courses. More coming soon!

You can do a deep dive into the first course, an intensive exploration of 1 Point Perspective principles and application. Soon to be followed up by 2 Point Perspective. Then…more and more!

track your progress

Pick up right where you left off with course completion tracking. Don’t get lost as you go through each lesson.


There are forums for every level of membership (even the freeloaders!). Get help and encouragement from other members and the professor!

feedback forums

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how it works!

Your create a post in the exclusive Feedback Forums where you upload images, questions, videos and other content. Then I can respond on a weekly schedule! You’ll get critiques, draw-overs, video responses, and all the answers you’ll need to move forward with what you’re working on.

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the feedback forums


Don’t have the the time or time zone for live classes? Sign up for a Feedback Membership for video critiques, draw-overs and/or notes on your works in progress.


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it’s so simple

It’s so simple, if you can write an email and add attachments, then you’ll be able to use this!

Here’s the thing, even if you are an independent learner, it can really help to get feedback from a mentor as you experiment and explore.

live online office hours

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1 on 1 time

Need that immediate feedback to your obstacles? Want to jump those hurdles faster and improve? Sign up for alla carte or in batches to attend regular office hours to get that feedback!

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office hours

Live chats, shared screens, and immediate one to one interaction to see, learn and get instant actionable answers in real time.

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anywhere anytime

Select from listed times that will be available to you! Make requests for ones that aren’t yet!