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I’m Peter Sakievich, your art professor. I’ve been turning hundreds and hundreds of students into pros since 2004.

I teach drawing, illustration, concept art, and painting.

I also freelance for video game companies, creative studios and sell my paintings in fine art galleries in New York City, Arizona, Utah, and California.

I use these skills everyday with my clients to design worlds and experiences. So do my students.

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You also get the free 3 part video series, “The Drawing Repair Kit”, that will come to your inbox.

“The Drawing Repair Kit” will help you tweak those first few vital things.

You get to see exactly how much you can improve your skills in a short time.

By the way…here’s some details about the Free Course.

First of all, yes it’s free. There’s no obligation. You get to keep access to it forever even if you never join the full membership.

BUT, I need to warn you…

This free course does have rotating content!

It comes from the paid membership courses, so that everyone can learn real art skills for free.

The available list of lessons does change from time to time as new courses are added in the full membership.

Below is what you can check out now in the free course!

Current List of Topics in the Free Course

P.S. As you go through the Drawing Repair Kit over the next week and as you follow along and do the lessons in the Free Membership, show me what you’ve done on Instagram by using the hashtag #myartprofessor. (I actually follow that one!)

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