Artists! Is It Finally Time to Become a 2 Point Perspective PRO?

Master the secrets of 2 Point Perspective in this easy to follow, yet deep course to fully develop your skills for drawing backgrounds, architecture with not only technical learning but practical and fun follow-along projects!

Artists! It’s Finally Time to Become a 2 Point Perspective PRO!

Master the secrets of 2 Point Perspective in this easy to follow, yet deep course to fully develop your skills for drawing backgrounds, architecture with not only technical learning but practical and fun follow-along projects!

Are you a beginner artist struggling with drawing?

Do you find it difficult to create depth and dimension in your artwork?

Are you tired of flat and uninteresting artwork, especially backgrounds?

Want to take your skills to the next level and create depth and dimension in your work?

Learning to draw can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding and applying perspective.

That’s why I created a unique 2 Point Perspective course specifically tailored to beginner artists who really want a deeper understanding of how to really use perspective drawing.

This course is designed to make learning perspective easy and accessible, with a variety of practical projects that will help you apply your new skills in a hands-on way.

You’ll learn the fundamental principles of 2 point perspective and how to apply them to create realistic and believable scenes.

Ready for a real deep dive into perspective drawing?

If you’ve ever been really frustrated not knowing all the rules of how perspective really works. Or if you’ve ever wanted to really understand why and how 2 Point Perspective works, then this course is ideal for you.

2 Point Perspective is a widely used and often poorly understood system of perspectives that gives you the skills to draw dynamic environments that can really pull your audience in!

There are even techniques that can literally place your viewer inside the picture or even tell them where to stand in front if it, so that they feel like they’ve really stepped your imagination!

This kind of perspective shows up all the time in illustration, painting, drawing and concept art.

It amplifies your abilities to communicate visually with your team, clients and fans.

It’s the kind of essential tool that makes you instantly more marketable as a professional artist.

Once you master this kind of perspective, (even if you don’t use all the techniques here all the time), then you’ll be able to interpret and compose far more realistic places while creating great depth and feeling in them!

Create worlds the easy fun way!

There’s more than 55 lessons and activities (over 1000 minutes long!)  that will hold your hand as you go through the vital information you need to actually use 2 Point Perspective in real world situations.

In addition to all the theoretical knowledge there are several practical projects AND there’s a follow along project to give your new skills greater context!

This course is perfectly suitable for any adult or decently focused teenager even if you’ve never even tried drawing before!

Finally you don’t have to spend hours digging through half-baked incomplete Youtube videos or sit through ads…while trying to figure this out.

It’s all here in one place!

Student-Tested on Live Human Subjects in Real Time

This course (like ALL my courses) has been student tested on live human subjects.

Because this material has been taught live in the classroom to real students who ask the most detailed questions and encounter every and all challenges and misunderstandings, you’ll find that all of those roadblocks have been removed!

I break things down for you into concise, simple and most importantly complete step-by-step lessons so that you can easily follow along to master this unique type of drawing!

Each lesson is just long enough to cover the subject which also makes it really easy to go back, find and review material!

PLUS Look for future bonus 2 Point Projects and additional lessons if questions arise!

What exactly will you learn?

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll find in each chapter in this all-inclusive course!

In this introduction you’ll learn all about the Anatomy of 2 Point Perspective and how it’s related to and differs from 1 Point Perspective.

Learning how it is set up and what each is part is called sets you up for all the information to follow!

Here you’ll learn the essentials of creating perfect squares and cubes. You’ll learn exactly how to get them perfect each and every time.

This basic skill is so easy to master, you’ll wonder why others ignore it. Stop making your scenes look stretched out and weird!

Also, as you go through each section there will be lessons for a follow along project where you get to apply the skills to create a building.

Can you figure out how to set up the vanishing point for a slope, like you’d see on a roof or ramp? Better yet, did you know you can actually select an angle you want to use and set it.

No more guessing and hoping.

Once you get through this you’ll understand how to draw perfect circles in perspective. You’ll master the “vertical tilt” that so many are clueless about. Suddenly your tires and engines will look far more accurate and realistic, instead of squished. And you’ll know why and be able to do it over and over again!

Learn to make things scale correctly in 2 Point Perspective and set distances. This is really powerful since you can actually set your audience INSIDE your illustration. You can even tell them how far away to stand from your picture to really feel like they’re inside.

Because Lighting works so similarly as 1 Point Perspective in 2 Point, we keep this really simple, so you just have to review 1 Point to get this one down really well!

Let’s see how you can design a building’s plan and then project it in perspective to create your original designs!

A bit of a lost art but pretty straightforward once you get it!

In this one, I take a rough sketch of a building and adjust it to be perfectly proportional and take it to a detailed line drawing in 10 lessons!

This time we design the drawing of an interior sci-fi space port from a sketch and take it to a finished line drawing.

One of the big purposes of this is to scale it to your viewer so they can feel like they’re really in the picture!

Don’t Forget!: I also include some extra BONUS lessons that show how to sketch sci-fi spaceships using these exact same techniques!

Hello! I'm professor Peter Sakievich!

I’ve taught in universities and privately in the US and Hong Kong since 2004.

I also work with game studios, entertainment companies and fine art galleries!

Over the years I’ve taught a wide range of courses to thousands of students.

Now those students work at amazing places doing incredible things every single day!

From them I’ve learned to assume that what you really want is solid information explained and demonstrated simply to help you gain confidence.

You want to know that you can use these skills to solve your real everyday artistic challenges.

This (and all my courses) are the result of daily working with real students in the classroom year after year helping them get results as fast and complete as possible!

watercolor sketching in Mong Kok, Hong Kong!

The 2 Point Perspective Fundamentals Course will help you IF:

What Former Students Have to Say!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, actually. If you can pick up a pen and use a ruler, you’re ready to go!

In this course I use Adobe Photoshop and a cintiq, but the techniques I use here can be used in most desktop applications. You can even use a mouse if you need to. (Lots of shift+clicking!)

I also demonstrate some of the basics using traditional tools (rulers, pencils, triangles, etc) so you can use that option too.

You can use an ipad, but you may feel a little cramped.

As soon as payment is completed and you get lifetime access!

You get access right away to everything and you can always skip ahead to that question you’ve been killing yourself to find an answer for!

Come back as often as you need to refresh your memory even after you complete the materials!

Nope! The course material is immediately available 24/7/365 here on the site!

You can move through it at your own pace, skipping or repeating lessons as needed!

BUT, YES I do have livestreams on my instagrams (petersakievich, rainlandstudios, and myartprofessor) and on my youtube (myartprofessor) where you can come and participate and ask questions anytime I’m live!

Also! Watch for live course and office hours opportunities!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

No-Risk 30 Day Guarantee!

You’re going to love this course and you will get solid results.

But…if you’re unsatisfied in any way, I’m offering a 100% “no questions asked” refund up to 30 days after you purchase it.

Just send me a note with your student id and order number with the request and I’ll refund it.

No Explanations Required at all.

I know we live in challenging times. I don’t want anyone to add any unnecessary risks.

Get The Course FOR LIFE!

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