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it can be a bit of challenge...

for dedicated art students, like you, to grow your skills and careers when you’re compared to others and their more typical career paths.

You don’t want the 9-5, the commute, and the water cooler conversations.

You like your independence and the freedom to explore and make what you want to make.

Typically your family and friends compliment your art, BUT they’re always suggesting other more “practical” jobs. 

They mean well, but really they don’t see the bigger picture of how artists make art their life and living.

They think that drawing, painting or illustrating can’t give you a stable future.

They barely even know what you’re doing or why.

Every time I told others that I was an illustration student, they confused that with animation and wanted to know if I was going to work for Disney (which I did, actually…).

Sometimes you have a well meaning teacher, who’s way behind on the new technology, doesn’t have any real skills, or is too busy helping other (less serious) students in a packed and poorly-equipped classroom.

You look at other artists online and it’s almost a total mystery how they got there. But you can see they have achieved success.

Even worse…they often can’t quite explain their success.

They say lots of practice (but what kind?), experience (with what?), a certain teacher (you can’t afford…), or some mysterious natural talent.

It always feels like there’s some step missing, some crucial piece that makes it all make sense.

To make it even worse, accessing ALL of the top schools (like the ones I’ve taught at) are insanely expensive, some costing 40 to 60 THOUSAND dollars per year (x4 is 240,000$$$ + annual tuition increases AND more for living expenses).

I couldn’t afford that. Almost no one can without crippling long term debt. The kind that keeps you up at night.

That’s a lot of obstacles. Serious ones.

These problems come up all the time in my live streams or comments online. Along with the “hows and whys” of what I’m doing to make art at a high level and then actually find paying clients (btw…future course!) or get into galleries.

And that’s why I put this site together.

The solution to all these problems should exist out there affordably in one place but didn’t. The only way to make that possible was to do it myself.

Not only can YOU learn real skills, create your own unique style and voice, and build a consistent portfolio, BUT there are more opportunities out there to turn your life into your living than has EVER existed before.

You can also know why you’re doing what you’re doing and see the larger path.

That’s what we’re building here.

Let me show you what you can have access to right now on myartprofessor.com.

Current Course List:

Here’s what you get access to inside the Full Membership.

There are 6 Complete Courses on Drawing with a focus on practical perspective (2 of which are very DEEP DIVES). PLUS the M.A.P. Monthly series that has an assortment of projects from the last 3 years!

These courses help you go through solid information in unique activities AND practical projects STEP-BY-STEP. This delivers real repeatable processes you can use as you develop your personal portfolio.

You’ll know what the results should be so that you’re ready for the each and every following step.

You’ll also know the WHY.

There’s a lot more coming (I’m in the middle of finalizing MORE courses).


Open up each section below to see the topics covered in each course.

  • Supplies List
  • Power of Primitives
  • How to use a pencil
  • How to use the humble ball point pen
  • Circles in Perspective
  • Sketching Ellipses
  • Object Deconstruction and Reconstruction
  • How to identify and manipulate Eye Level
  • Control Value Patterns
  • The Anatomy of Light
  • How to identify the Parts of the Light
  • Manipulating Reference
  • Supplies List
  • Absolute Basics of Precise 1 Point Perspective
  • Anatomy of 1 Point Perspective
  • Perfect Squares in 1 Point Perspective
  • Perfect Grids in 1 Point Perspective
  • The Perfect 1 Point Perspective Cube
  • Pyramids and Wedges in 1 Point Perspective
  • Step-by-Step build your OWN Moebius Minecraft Garden
  • Circles in 1 Point Perspective
  • Accurate Ellipses in 1 Point Perspective
  • Round Primitives in 1 Point Perspective
  • Using Schematic Layouts and Rendering them in 1 Point Perspective
  • Micron Pen Drawing Techniques
  • Activity Sheets for Practicing
  • Studying and Rendering Textures using Microns
  • How to create Roughs
  • How to create Comps
  • And Inking the Final Illustration
  • How to Critique Your Work
  • Supplies List
  • Absolute Basics of 2 Point Perspective
  • Anatomy of 2 Point Perspective
  • How to Set up the Precise 2 Point Perspective Space
  • Perfect Squares in 2 Point Perspective
  • Perfect Grids in 2 Point Perspective
  • Perfect Cubes in 2 Point Perspective
  • Pyramids and Wedges in 2 Point Perspective
  • Circles in 2 Point Perspective
  • Perfect Horizontal and Vertical Ellipses in 2 Point Perspective
  • How to Use Schematics of REAL spaces in 2 Point Perspective
  • What is Notan
  • What is Chiaroscuro
  • Worksheets
  • Rhetorical Room Project
  • Recreate a Real Space You Measure and Render in 2 Point Perspective
  • Planning a Concept and Design
  • Using Silhouettes to Define Your Illustration
  • Use ZERO Lines Yet Still See Exactly What’s Going On
  • Master Isometric Perspective
  • Use a perspective system with no horizon line or vanishing points!
  • Learn how the 3D Forms work and then recombine them
  • Make schematics and maps to plan and then watch your city emerge in 3D!
  • Learn to combine reference to come up with original concepts
  • Create your own city!
  • Then get ready for the next course where you’ll redraw it from multiple points of view!
  • In Depth Theory of 1 Point Perspective
  • Multiple Practical Projects Showing How to Use Precise 1 Point Perspective
  • Follow Along Project Following Each Section to Apply the New Skills
  • Anatomy of 1 Point Perspective
  • How to Use Precise 1 Point Perspective in Photoshop
  • How to Use Precise 1 Point Perspective with Traditional Tools
  • How to Set Up and Identify the Important Parts of 1 Point Perspective
  • Grids and Perfect Squares in 1 Point Perspective
  • Perfect Cubes in 1 Point Perspective
  • Slopes in 1 Point Perspective
  • Vertical Vanishing Points in 1 Point Perspective
  • Precise Angles in 1 Point Perspective
  • Mirroring Angles in 1 Point Perspective
  • Create Steps and Stairs in 1 Point Perspective
  • Circles and Ellipses in 1 Point Perspective
  • Embedding Ellipses (tires) in 1 Point Perspective
  • Cones and Spheres in 1 Point Perspective
  • Create Arches in 1 Point Perspective
  • Create Arches with Depth in 1 Point Perspective
  • Irregular (not square) Lines and Elevations in 1 Point Perspective
  • How to Subdivide Space in 1 Point Perspective
  • How to find Precise Locations From the Viewer’s POV  in 1 Point Perspective
  • Lighting in 1 Point Perspective
  • Lights from the Front, Behind  and the Side in 1 Point Perspective
  • Lighting Compound/Multiple Objects in 1 Point Perspective
  • Design and Render a Simple Interior in Precise 1 Point Perspective
  • Construct a Simple Cabin in Precise 1 Point Perspective
  • Architectural Projection from Plans in 1 Point Perspective
  • Create a Schematic or Orthographic Plan
  • Decide the Angle and Distance from POV in 1 Point Perspective
  • Composition and 1 Point Perspective
  • Create Thumbnails in 1 Point Perspective
  • Adapt and Adjust the Thumbnail in Precise 1 Point Perspective
  • Scale Objects and Distances to the Viewer in 1 Point Perspective
  • In Depth Theory and Practice of 2 Point Perspective
  • Multiple Practical Projects
  • Follow Along Project Following Each Section to Apply the New Skills
  • Digital and Traditional Methods for Setting Up Precise 2 Point Perspective
  • Anatomy of Precise 2 Point Perspective
  • Squares, Squared Grids and Cubes in 2 Point Perspective
  • Wedges and Pyramids in 2 Point Perspective
  • Slopes in 2 Point Perspective
  • Perfect Angles in 2 Point Perspective
  • Vertical Vanishing Points in 2 Point Perspective
  • Mirroring Slopes (roofs) in 2 Point Perspective
  • Steps and Stairs in 2 Point Perspective
  • Rotating and Pivoting Cubes in 2 Point Perspective
  • Vertical vs. Horizontal Circles and Ellipses in 2 Point Perspective
  • Embedding Ellipses in 2 Point Perspective
  • Cones and Cylinders in 2 Point Perspective
  • Spheres in 2 Point Perspective
  • Compound Depth (tires) of Ellipses in 2 Point Perspective
  • Irregular (non square) Measuring Lines and Elevations
  • Measuring Distance from the Viewer
  • Setting Scale Based on the Viewer
  • Create Regular Repeating Objects (Fences, Posts, etc) in 2 Point Perspective
  • Lighting and 2 Point Perspective
  • Architectural Projection and Rendering in 2 Point Perspective
  • Create and Plan Orthographic Plans
  • Create a Complex Building from Thumbnail in Precise 2 Point Perspective
  • Create a Complex Composition in 2 Point Perspective Scaled to the Viewer and their POV
  • Ongoing Personal Projects
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Sharing of Digital and Traditional Techniques
  • Use of Silhouettes
  • Watercolor Vehicles
  • Watercolor Creatures
  • Inktober Challenges
  • Sketching Architecture with Ink
  • March of Robots Challenge
  • How to Test New Materials
  • Procreate Studies
  • Inktober Updates and Expansions
  • 2 Point Perspective Spaceship in Watercolor

That's 290+ Lessons!

and counting...

Dozens & Dozens of Hours of Student-Tested Transformative Learning…

with more coming…

Additional Subscriptions Benefits!


One of the absolutely unique things about my courses is that they have been put through live human trials.

Real students, just like you, at the universities below, have followed these exact steps and seen quick results in a shockingly short amount of time, no matter their beginning level of “talent”!

Former Student(now pros!) Reviews

My Students Work At

former students' in-class work!

the professor: Peter Sakievich

2016 - Hong Kong Apple Store Workshop on Drawing on an iPad

Peter Sakievich is a veteran university art professor, concept artist, illustrator and painter.

He’s taught first year through senior level courses at 6 universities in the United States and in Hong Kong. He coached multiple winning Disneyland Hong Kong Imagineering internship teams.

Professionally, he’s worked with advertising companies, entertainment design companies, creative studios, AAA game studios (Disney Interactive, EA, Riot Games, etc.) and many other indie studios as a concept artist.

He’s also a painter who’s worked with art galleries on both the east and west coast in the USA.

Peter’s instruction focuses on the essential building blocks of drawing skills, as well as figure drawing, illustration, concept art, and traditional painting through not only in-depth principles BUT also through innovative applied projects.

Students who pass through his courses are better prepared for challenges in their chosen industry! And now those students are out there pursuing professional careers in art and design. You will see them in the credits of games and films that you love!

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